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The Cardiac Electro-Mechanics Research Group (CEMRG) at Imperial College London and King's College London applies statistical, machine learning and simulation approaches to combine experimental and clinical data with physics and biology to study the physiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment of the heart.

The group is inherently interdisciplinary working with mathematicians, modellers, image analysts, statisticians, experimental researchers and clinicians. The research focuses on four themes: cells and drugs, arrhythmias, heart failure and image analysis. These complementary research areas build on common software platforms that facilitate collaborative work between disciplines.

CEMRG researchers are based at two campuses. Part of the group (including Steve Niederer) is based at the Imperial Centre for Translational and Experimental Medicine (ICTEM), next door to Hammersmith Hospital. Part of the group (including Martin Bishop) is within St Thomas’ Hospital in central London, around a core research MRI and catheter laboratory facility. The group is co-located with clinical cardiology researchers. The combination of technical and clinical expertise makes the group ideally situated to pursue translational research.