heart in MRI The King's College London Cardiac Electro Mechanics Research Group integrates experimental and clinical data into advanced computational biophysical models to simulate the activation and beating of the heart. The group is inherently interdisciplinary working with mathematicians, modellers, image processors, experimental researchers and clinicians.

In basic research this approach is used to investigate the role of subcellular mechanisms in regulating organ-scale cardiac function in physiological studies, to understand how the heart changes and adapts during pathologies, to quantify how the heart responds to genetic manipulation and to predict the response of cardiac physiology to pharmacological interventions.

In clinical applications models are made of individual patients to combine multiple disparate data sets into a single representation of a patient heart, to understand how an individualís pathology affects their cardiac function and how this in turn effects how they will respond to treatment and to evaluate and develop new strategies to optimise procedures.


We have a vacancy for a PhD project in the Centre for Doctoral training, focusing on bringing statistical uncertainty quantification techniques into cardiac modelling. More details can be found here